Jomaa Meter!

This is an Attempt to monitor the performance of the Recently appointed Tunisian Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa and his government by Documenting what have beens Achieved as Opposed to what He Has promised.

0% Complete (success)
321 days out of 250 till Elections
17% In Progress
5 out 32 Promises In Progress
0% Achieved
0 out 32 Promises Achieved

22 Promises

0 Achieved
3 In Progress
19 Not Achieved

Review contracts for natural resources (energy and mining)

The issuance of complimentary financial (budgetary) law

Save the public institutions/companies

Reform of the retirement and health insurance systems

The resumption of infrastructure projects

Stop the deterioration of the financial situation


Fight poverty

Improve the purchasing power of Tunisian citizens

Regional development

Rationalising public subsidies

Revitalization of public finances

Job creation

Activation of the Supreme Council for Tunisians in the diaspora

Develop and support an accompanying and coaching system for job-seekers

Endorsement of new employability enhancement programs

Activation of the new strategy for vocational training

Increase the competitiveness of the national economy

Strengthen the network of social welfare

Support all efforts towards productivity, production and science

Ensure Regional development balance


Activate the "social contract" and the establishment of the National Council for Social Dialogue

Fighting Corruption


4 Promises

0 Achieved
1 In Progress
3 Not Achieved

Provide the necessary tools to investigate the assassination of Mohamed Brahmi and Chokri Belaid


Address any organization operating outside the law (dissolution of the leagues of the protection of -the revolution?)

The protection of all the political contenders

Ensure the security and Safety

6 Promises

0 Achieved
1 In Progress
5 Not Achieved

Organization of free and fair elections

Ensure the security and Safety

Neutralize governors and review all nominations in all public functions related to elections


Empower public administration, guarantee its neutrality and protect it from political polarisation

Work transparently, keeping the same distance from all sides

Strengthen the bounds with civil society